New RFID Certification To Be Developed

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) has just announced its development of a professional certification of RFID skills. Joining CompTIA are: DHL Express; American RFID Solutions, a training institute; Printronix, Inc, a manufacturer of printing solutions; and RFID Focus, a media company.

The need for training is underscored by a recent research study CompTIA conducted with Frost & Sullivan that showed of the 500 companies surveyed more than 50% have completed RFID implementations or intend to within the next year but lack skilled personnel. Missing is the expertise to design, deploy and manage RFID networks.

Another interesting conclusion from the study, "Analysis of RFID Adoption and Workforce Issues in North America," was that "improve process efficiency" was given as the main reason for adopting RFID rather than compliance suggesting the companies are indeed viewing RFID from a long-term value perspective.

Additionally, for end users the biggest challenges were bad read rates, working with cross-functional teams and keeping track of the rapid changes in RFID technology and products.

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