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Legal Immigration
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The US Needs a Clearer Path to Legal Immigration

May 17, 2023
Congress has a propensity for kicking cans down the road, but this is one challenge that needs resolving.
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Biden Tax Credits, Trump Tariffs Together Boost US Manufacturing

May 9, 2023
Congress may not be doing much across the aisle, but separate trade policies by different administrations are having a cumulative positive effect.
Solar Power China

Congress Must Stand Up to China’s Illegal Solar Trade (Opinion)

April 26, 2023
Democrats will soon have an opportunity to hold China accountable for illegal trade violations harming American manufacturers and workers. On Friday, the House will vote on bipartisan...
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Usa Ppe
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There Are Better Ways to Build a Domestic PPE Supply Chain

March 10, 2023
Focusing on innovation and supplier relationships will help the US prepare for the next global health emergency.
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The Pendulum Swings Toward Employees: A Look at How Biden Administration Changes Favor Workers Over Employers

April 13, 2023
Recent Biden administration rules at the labor board and Federal Trade Commission favor employee rights over employer interests. An On-Demand IndustryWeek Member Webinar


The IndustryWeek US 500

Download the IW U.S. 500

May 24, 2023
Download the list of the 500 largest US public manufacturers in an easy to read .pdf format
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IndustryWeek Book Club with Michael Collins

Dec. 14, 2022
Author Michael Collins talks with IndustryWeek's Laura Putre about what US manufacturing has lost in the past four decades and how to rebuild.
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Steel Pipes

Mexico Is Violating Section 232 Steel Tariffs. The Biden Administration Must Act.

Nov. 22, 2022
Imports have increased by 577%, and US steelworkers are paying the cost.
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Nuclear Energy Is Looking Good Again

Nov. 9, 2022
The need for plentiful, low-cost electricity will rise dramatically in the coming years.
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IndustryWeek Book Club: The Titanium Economy

Nov. 3, 2022
Manufacturing's role in powering America's future is both underrated and critically important. Gaurav Batra and Laura Putre discuss what needs to happen to realize the industrial...