2022 IW U.S. 500: Top Oil, Gas and Coal Manufacturers (slideshow)

Jan. 13, 2023
Energy producers absolutely dominated the 2022 list of top manufacturers, and looking at the financial data included in this table, it's easy to see why.

High oil and gas prices in 2021 made the energy industry the dominant performer in 2022's IndustryWeek US 500. Five of the Top 10 performers were energy producers, and that trend will likely repeat when we compile the 2023 list as industry profitability continued to climb last year.

Click through the slideshow to see the Top 10. The accompanying table lists all 43 energy industry process manufacturers that made this year's list, along with the data that earned them a prime spot.

RankPrimary IndustryName2021 Revenue (in millions)2021 Profit Margin2021 Net Income (in millions)2021 Revenue Growth
2Petroleum & Coal ProductsExxon Mobil Corp.$278,9818.26%$23,04055.2%
4Petroleum & Coal ProductsChevron Corp.$155,60610.04%$15,62564.7%
7Petroleum & Coal ProductsMarathon Petroleum Corp.$120,4518.08%$9,73872.3%
8Petroleum & Coal ProductsPhillips 66$111,4761.18%$1,31773.8%
9Petroleum & Coal ProductsValero Energy Corp.$108,3320.86%$93080.2%
31Petroleum & Coal ProductsConocoPhillips$46,66017.31%$8,079142.8%
37Petroleum & Coal ProductsEnterprise Products Partners L.P.$40,80711.36%$4,63850.0%
54Petroleum & Coal ProductsPBF Energy Inc.$27,2530.85%$23180.3%
57Petroleum & Coal ProductsOccidental Petroleum Corp.$25,9568.95%$2,32245.7%
65Petroleum & Coal ProductsBaker Hughes Co.$20,502-1.61%-$330-1.0%
71Petroleum & Coal ProductsEOG Resources Inc.$19,77723.58%$4,66499.1%
82Petroleum & Coal ProductsPioneer Natural Resources Co.$17,87011.85%$2,118154.3%
84Petroleum & Coal ProductsCheniere Energy Inc.$17,531-13.36%-$2,34388.6%
88Petroleum & Coal ProductsTarga Resources Corp.$16,9500.42%$71105.2%
92Petroleum & Coal ProductsOneok Inc.$16,5409.07%$1,50093.6%
97Petroleum & Coal ProductsHalliburton Co.$15,2959.53%$1,4575.9%
107Petroleum & Coal ProductsDominion Energy Inc.$13,96423.55%$3,288-1.5%
110Petroleum & Coal ProductsDevon Energy Corp.$13,11721.60%$2,833191.3%
121Petroleum & Coal ProductsWestlake Corp.$11,77817.11%$2,01557.0%
125Petroleum & Coal ProductsDCP Midstream LP$11,3253.45%$39184.3%
133Petroleum & Coal ProductsDelek US Holdings Inc.$10,648-1.91%-$20445.8%
136Petroleum & Coal ProductsOvintiv Inc.$10,46813.53%$1,41690.0%
171Petroleum & Coal ProductsCMS Energy Corp.$7,32918.46%$1,35314.2%
173Petroleum & Coal ProductsChesapeake Energy Corp.$7,30186.67%$6,32858.2%
174Petroleum & Coal ProductsHess Corp.$7,3017.66%$55960.7%
175Petroleum & Coal ProductsCVR Energy Inc.$7,2420.35%$2584.3%
189Petroleum & Coal ProductsEQT Corp.$6,741-17.15%-$1,156158.1%
192Petroleum & Coal ProductsSouthwestern Energy Co.$6,667-0.37%-$25188.9%
194Petroleum & Coal ProductsDiamondback Energy Inc.$6,44333.87%$2,182141.2%
214Petroleum & Coal ProductsMarathon Oil Corp.$5,61616.84%$94679.9%
225Petroleum & Coal ProductsContinental Resources Inc.$5,44430.51%$1,661126.0%
286Petroleum & Coal ProductsSouthwest Gas Holdings Inc.$3,6815.46%$20111.6%
292Petroleum & Coal ProductsRange Resources Corp.$3,58011.50%$412101.0%
310Petroleum & Coal ProductsRenewable Energy Group Inc.$3,2446.59%$21451.8%
319Petroleum & Coal ProductsCalumet Specialty Products Partners LP$3,148-8.10%-$25538.8%
330Petroleum & Coal ProductsValvoline$2,98114.09%$42026.7%
337Petroleum & Coal ProductsWestern Midstream Partners LP$2,87731.16%$8973.8%
343Petroleum & Coal ProductsMurphy Oil Corp.$2,801-2.63%-$7459.9%
387Petroleum & Coal ProductsGenesis Energy LP$2,126-7.77%-$16516.5%
428Petroleum & Coal ProductsQuaker Chemical Corp.$1,7616.89%$12124.2%
432Petroleum & Coal ProductsNational Fuel Gas Co.$1,74320.86%$36412.7%
451Petroleum & Coal ProductsWhiting Petroleum Corp.$1,53427.90%$428109.4%
455Petroleum & Coal ProductsOasis Petroleum Inc.$1,50321.26%$32066.8%

Data provided by Seeking Alpha and S&P Global.

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