2023 IW U.S. 500: Top Industrial Machinery Companies (slideshow)

Aug. 2, 2023
Meet the biggest U.S. publicly held manufacturers of industrial machinery, supplies and components in the 2023 IW U.S. 500.

Thirty-eight companies from the Industrial Machinery, Supplies and Components industry are represented on the 2023 IW U.S. 500, our annual listing of the biggest publicly held manufacturers in the United States by 2022 revenue. The smallest entrant in this industrial machinery category reported 2022 annual revenue of $943 million, while the largest reported revenue of nearly $17 billion. 

Two of the 38 IW U.S. 500 manufacturing companies shown here reported a decrease in revenue, while three showed negative profit margins. One manufacturer delivered revenue growth of nearly 55%.

Take a moment to review the top 10 revenue producing companies in this slideshow, and see the full listing of all 38 industrial machinery manufacturers in the accompanying list. 

2023 IW U.S. 500 Coverage

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