Kids know more about safety than you39d think and they also follow the examples set by their parents and the adults in their lives BROWZ

Kids know more about safety than you'd think, and they also follow the examples set by their parents and the adults in their lives.

Top 10 OSHA Violations: Kids Say the Darndest Things!

Every year, BROWZ makes it a point to recognize National Safety Month. In the past, they’ve created videos that talk about statistics and encourage safety. But, in the words of Corporate Marketing Manager David Askvig, “They’ve never been that entertaining. Safety is a serious topic, but quite frankly, many people tune it out.”

Hoping to do something different this year, the BROWZ marketing team felt confident that if they could create a video that was entertaining – something to engage the audience – they could deliver a very important message and help raise awareness.

“We stepped back and asked ourselves, why do we do this?” Askvig remembers. “Why are we engaged in talking about safety? We were unanimous that it’s about preserving the lives of those we love. Who better to help bring awareness than children?”

So they interviewed kids about the Top 10 OSHA Violations, and, says Askvig, “Their responses were priceless. Kids always say the greatest things.”

The marketing team recorded about 3 hours of footage and there were some great responses, he says, noting: “Children have such a great perspective, they really care about others. For example, with the comment of people dying if they fell of a building, they immediately shifted to prevention (land on a pillow).”

Kids have a good sense for safety and they come up with creative ideas. For example, to be safe around machinery, the kids suggested unplugging it, folding your hands, etc.

“None of their responses were scripted, we just asked questions that got them thinking. Children are great problem solvers,” says Askvig, though he admits: “Their ideas are just a bit crazy at times… Sticky pads on hands so you don’t fall, throwing a rock and rope over a building to climb… etc. But they gave them some thought.”

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