About MEP

About MEP

Nationwide Network

MEP is built on a nationwide system of centers located in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Each center is a partnership between the federal government and a variety of public or private entities, including state, university, and nonprofit organizations.  This diverse network, with 588 service locations, has over 1,200 field staff serving as trusted business advisors and technical experts. 

Centers tailor services to small and mid-sized manufacturers’ most critical needs, ranging from process improvement and workforce development to business practices, including supply chain integration, innovation, and technology transfer. And because MEP’s foundation is its partnerships, centers are a hub for manufacturers,  connecting them with government agencies, trade associations, universities and research laboratories, state and federal initiatives, and a host of other resources to help them realize goals.

MEP centers have helped thousands of manufacturers reinvent themselves, increase profits, create or maintain jobs, and establish a foundation for long-term business growth and productivity.

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