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Cap Ex Predicted To Rise By 8.5% In 2007

Primary metals, machinery and chemical products are some of the industries expected to show increases in 2007.

The Institute for Supply Management's (ISM) end-of-year report on manufacturing reveals that for 2006, purchasing and supply managers report capital expenditures rose 7.3% when compared with 2005 levels -- which was pretty much what they expected to happen when queried in April 2006. This prediction was an increase of 6.1% over 2005 numbers.

Industries showing the largest increases in 2006 include: primary metals; non-metallic mineral products; plastics and rubber products; and furniture and related products.

For 2007, purchasing and supply managers expect capital expenditures to rise 8.5%. Industries predicting the largest increases: primary metals; fabricated metal products; machinery, chemical products; and food, beverage and tobacco products.

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