The Thinking Behind the Planning: presentation by Wes Waldo, COO of BMGI

A strategic plan is only as good as the thinking that goes into it. Strategic thinking happens in a number of different ways, formal and informal but fundamentally affects your ability to execute on your long term process improvement objectives. Therefore, when the plan is lacking, we need to step back and consider the thinking. Even thinking is a process. This session shows you how to conduct the first stage of the strategic planning process with a strategic process assessment.
Your presenter for this session is Wes Waldo, Chief Operating Officer of BMGI. Waldo leverages more than 16 years of quality, operations management and performance excellence experience to continually improve BMGI's sales, marketing and internal processes. Prior to this, he spent many years as a lean master consultant and lean product manager and nearly two years as practice leader for BMGI's manufacturing team.
This video was filmed at the IW Best Plants Conference, April 23-25, 2012 in Indianapolis.

Key takeaways:
-- How does your performance compare to that of your industry peers?
-- How satisfied is your board of directors?
-- How satisfied is your executive team?
-- How well is strategy understood by the organization?
-- A qualitative assessment of your strategy process and documentation
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