New York Home to PepsiCo’s New Yogurt Manufacturing Facility in New York

With venture partner Theo Muller Group, Pepsic Co makes first entry into U.S. dairy aisles.


PepsiCo, Inc, in a joint venture with the Theo Müller Group is building a new yogurt manufacturing plant in Batavia, New York. About 180 new jobs will be created.

The region is one of the nation's most concentrated milk-producing and processing regions.

Muller Quaker Dairy LLC, the joint venture company, entered the U.S. dairy market last month making the first entry by both PepsiCo and Müller into U.S. dairy aisles. The U.S. market, which is currently less than half of Europe, is expected to increase over the next few years, according to data from Euromonitor.

“This new international partnership's commitment to New York sends a message to businesses across the country and around the world that New York State is a place where businesses can thrive,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo on Thursday during the signing of a ceremonial steel beam at the site location.

In addition to building the Batavia facility, Muller Quaker Dairy will source its milk supply from U.S. dairy farmers, with the majority coming from New York State and Northeast region dairy farms.

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