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New Maryland Manufacturing Plant to Make Nitrile Gloves and Create 2,000 Jobs

March 16, 2022
United Safety Technology said its newest $350 million factory will start production early next year.

A medical manufacturer founded during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic will build a new factory to help make medical-grade protective gloves. United Safety Technology, Inc. announced Wednesday it would build a new $350 million medical manufacturing plant in Tradepoint Atlantic, near Baltimore, Maryland. According to a company statement, the plant is expected to create about 2,000 new jobs by the fourth quarter of 2024.

Founded in June 2020 in California, UST’s March 16 announcement also indicated the company would move its manufacturing operations to the East Coast factory. According to the Baltimore Sun, the glove factory will move into a 735,000-square-foot warehouse formerly owned by Bethlehem Steel, and UST says the facility is scheduled to begin production as early as the first quarter of 2023.

According to UST, the U.S. currently produces less than 1% of nitrile gloves despite being the world’s largest market for them. Dan Izhaky, the CEO of UST, said in a statement that the new factory would help reinforce the U.S. medical supply chains shown to be so vulnerable in 2020.

“This investment will help meet the needs of our nation’s healthcare heroes, support the Baltimore community, and strength the country,” said Izhaky. “Our facility joins other projects around the country to bolster the resiliency of our healthcare supply chain, ensuring that medical essentials are available, affordable, and accessible.”

Part of the new plant will be funded by a $96.1 million Department of Defense contract passed last summer to expand domestic production of gloves for use as PPE.

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