New Response Management Tool Drives Supply Chain Innovation

July 7, 2007
Kinaxis announces new version of RapidResponse.

RapidResponse 9, the next generation of its Response Management solution, will help manufacturers better analyze "alternative response actions before making a decision on a major tradeoff," according to its creator Kinaxis Inc.

"In high-volatility, supply-constrained businesses, the new basis of competition is the ability to peer faster than your competitors into the black box of multiple planning and execution processes, running offline scenarios that give collective, rapid visibility to financial and service impact of a short list of viable decision alternatives,'" said supply chain research director Stephen Hochman, in a recent AMR Research article.

The updated software solution enables users to create their own alerts (e.g., notify company if any orders are going to be more than 2 days late, or notify if on-time delivery percentage drops below 95%) and define when and how they would like to be alerted.

The solution also includes a feature called TeamForm that automatically detects who in the organization would be impacted by or could provide insight to a proposed action.

Another new application, the RapidResponse Inventory Liability Manager 9, allows both brand owners and contract manufacturers to proactively monitor and measure liability exposure using waterfall charts and reports to understand the impact of proposed response actions. By storing historical inventory data, it allows companies to report on and conduct comparative analysis of inventory exposure. It also includes the ability to track high-water mark liability to determine the level of liability of a component within its lead time. Using supply contracts, brand owners and contract manufacturers can determine liability at the purchased part with minimal data required. Using demand contracts, brand owners and contract manufacturers can determine liability to the component part.

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