New RFID Product For Tracking Industrial Paper

Dec. 11, 2006
Tag has omnidirectional capability.

A new backscattering UHF RFID tag that allows paper manufacturers and their downstream partners to track paper reels is now available. ForReel, a new UHF RFID product from Tel Aviv, Israel-based PowerID Division of Power Paper Ltd., addresses the sight limitation issue of having to place a passive RFID label on the core of the paper reel. ForReel labels provide omnidirectional reading - 360 degrees around the reel.

ForReel operates in the ultra high frequency range, 850-960 MHz and utilizes EM Microelectronic's robust iPx air protocol.

The battery aboard the label enables read ranges of up to ten meters away from the reel when the label is placed between the reel core and the paper that is wound around the core.

"ForReel addresses a genuine problem in the newspaper and media publishing industry, and PowerID has amassed invaluable experience in pilots utilizing ForReel technology at the world's largest paper manufacturers and leading newspapers," said Erez Kahani, executive vice president of the PowerID Division. "After years of failing with passive technology, these companies have reacted positively and unanimously to the performance of ForReel and are eager to move from pilots to rollouts."

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