Automation Reduces Costs in Supply Chain

Dec. 4, 2008
New tool helps increase visibility.

In order to gain more visibility into inventory, orders, and shipments Rohm and Haas Co., a specialty materials manufacturer for many industries including building and construction, electronic materials, packaging, and personal care, has implemented the Elemica Terminal and Warehouse Solution.

"The Elemica Terminal and Warehouse Solution drives efficiency by eliminating multiple entries of the same data, automating processes, and removing transactional and communication barriers with our external partners," said Ed Beaver, business process manager, Rohm and Haas. "Terminals and Warehouses can reduce our time-to-invoice because we have faster data entry with fewer errors and better visibility into inventory and customer shipments."

Elemica's Terminal and Warehouse Solution is built on the Elemica Connected Solution, a hosted integration platform that utilizes a Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture to quickly connect and provide seamless data exchange between Rohm and Haas' SAP system and their trade partners' computing environments. The network provides a comprehensive view of processes and greater visibility into interactions among partners. Carriers, suppliers, shippers, 3PLs, terminals, warehouses, etc. connect to the network to share real-time information including global visibility of inventory and shipments, proof of delivery, exception management alerting and documentation.

With the new solution Rohm and Haas is able to maintain optimal inventory levels and eliminate stock-outs. Order/shipment cycle times are shortened, resulting in quicker invoicing of customers.

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