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Dec. 21, 2004
IndustryWeek's listings provide leads on products and services.

The following business-to-business exchanges are grouped either by product category and the predominant manufacturing supply-chain sector that buys and sells those products, or by business services available at the exchange and the predominant corporate function the services support (many of the exchanges listed may serve additional supply chains or support multiple corporate functions).

  • The product-exchange categories are: aerospace; automotive (including heavy-duty vehicles); chemicals; consumer markets (packaged goods and perishables, such as food and beverages, as well as durables, including construction materials); energy; high tech; industrial equipment; life sciences (such as medical devices and biotech products); materials (including plastics and rubber); metals; miscellaneous products; MRO products; multiple product categories; and printing and publishing.
  • Service-exchange categories are: financial; human resources; IT services; logistics and transportation; manufacturing services; miscellaneous services; product design and development; and supply-chain collaboration.
  • Within each product or service index, exchanges are listed in alpha order based on exchange name. Exchanges listed in this index were operating as of late December 2000. Given the volatility of the online exchange industry, some sites may have ceased or suspended operations or merged with other exchanges.
  • Listings of services and functions of the exchanges are based on information published at the exchange Web sites as of late December 2000 and are not based on actual business-to-business experiences with the exchange. Consequently, IndustryWeek's listing of an exchange should not be construed as an endorsement.
    D I R E C T O R Y G U I D E

    Aerospace|Automotive|Chemicals|Consumer Markets|Energy|Financial|High Tech|Human Resources|Industrial Equipment|IT Services|Life Sciences|Logistics & Transportation|Manufacturing Services|Materials|Metals|Miscellaneous Products|Miscellaneous Services|MRO Products|Multiple Product Categories|Printing And Publishing|Product Design & Development|Supply-Chain Collaboration

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