Chemical Industry Group Ups Interest in RFID

Aug. 20, 2007
Group built a value model for chemical companies

The Chemical Industry Data Exchange (CIDX), a not-for-profit global trade and standards organization, issued a call to action in the form of new paper entitled "Chem eStandards Initiative - Radio Frequency ID," last week.

"RFID technologies can help chemical companies improve visibility into their supply chains and distribution channels," said John Wheeler, CIDX executive director "To help chemical company CIOs and CFOs evaluate the RFID investment," he continued, "CIDX members have built a value model that assesses RFID opportunities." The Business Value Model will determine ROI based on common chemical business scenarios.

The group will also work with EPC Global, an RFID industry trade group, to focus on industry standards.

As RFID has not yet been adopted by the majority of chemical companies, the group will take upon itself the role of providing input on implementation as well as being a facilitator for exchanging information that will "affect ongoing RFID standards and development."


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