New RFID System For Pallets & Containers

Oct. 23, 2006
Infosys deploys SAP Solutions for CHEP Global Track and Trace Systems.

In a move aimed to improve the tracking capabilities of CHEP, a global pallet and container pooling system, Infosys Technologies has implemented SAP solutions for RFID. The new system provides real-time visibility of products while tracking assets.

"The partnership between SAP and Infosys signifies a step change in supporting enterprise-wide adoption of Electronic Product Code (EPC) and RFID-enabled solutions," said UB Pravin, of Fremont, Calif.-based-Infosys Technologies."

CHEP, which manages more than 280 million pallets and containers from a global network of service centers, will deploy the RFID-enabled Returnable Transport Item Tracking solution from SAP built on auto-identification, integration and event management technologies provided by the components of the SAP NetWeaver platform to collect, monitor and analyze real-time RFID information on products and assets moving throughout the supply chain. The SAP solution includes the Auto-ID Infrastructure, which serves as the foundation for the EPC and RFID data and business logic; the NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure component that translates and routes the actionable information into enterprise applications; and Event Management, which monitors and tracks events about assets and identity exceptions.

The CHEP Global Track and Trace System facilitates vendor-managed inventory, improved asset control and inventory management. The solution will also enable CHEP to open new avenues for business for Automotive and Work In Process inventory tracking and allow the company to provide new value-added services to its customers.

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