Tracking IT Assets Using RFID

Nov. 13, 2006
Keeping Tabs On Laptops

Companies are increasingly concerned about the security of employee laptops given the sensitive nature of information contained on many of them. Atlanta-based Vector Networks, is using RFID to help keep track of laptops and other information technology assets. The Vector Asset Locator, part of the Vector AM Professional suite, can manage both hardware and software inventory.

"IT asset management is all about optimizing resources to keep costs low and technology affordable," said Chris Jackson, product manager, Vector Networks. "But until now, security has been a separate issue. By adding VAL to Vector AM Professional, we're enabling organizations to keep tabs on critical hardware assets, alerting them within seconds if a laptop is moved by an unauthorized employee, or leaves a location without approval."

Laptops are tagged with specific personnel RFID tags, with smart tags having the ability to instantly broadcast alerts if an unauthorized person handles a laptop.

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