SAP Offers Data Visibility, Flexibility

May 14, 2007
German software company does what it does best, building data-management infrastructure for RFID deployments.

According to Bruce Richardson of AMR Research, these days SAP is going as granular as it gets, looking to support product tracking capability and authentication of individual objects for the pharmaceutical, A&D, automotive and CPG industries. "Companies have been waiting for their enterprise software vendors to build applications and analytical tools that can take advantage of the unique value RFID provides," he says. "Knowledge about the state and history of specific objects, not the dogged insistence to follow a standard process, will result in new and innovative ways to take advantage of the unique capabilities RFID and serialization allow."

Such added capability isn't surprising, especially given the steady growth of the RFID market and SAP's stated goal of reaching 100,000 customers by decade's end. Although the goal may be overly ambitious, adding further RFID capability certainly can't hurt.

Richardson advises those interested in future RFID developments to watch for more development of data repositories, data management tools and object-oriented applications.

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