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Why Stellantis Stopped, Let's Talk Insourcing, Remembering Rosie the Riveter: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads

May 19, 2023
Also, Polestar's cost-cutting measures and the latest in our Generation Now Leadership series

A mixed bag of topics captured the attention of the IndustryWeek manufacturing community over the past week. Plans by Stellantis to halt construction of a battery plant in Canada drove audience members to read what would become the top news item over the past seven days on IndustryWeek.com. In other top reads, an IndustryWeek contributor urged new leaders to forget everything they've learned prior to stepping into their new role, while the latest addition to our Generation Now Leadership series also drew interest. 

This week's Top 10 list of most-reviewed content, plus one Editor's Choice item, is as follows: 

Stellantis Halts Canada Battery Plant Construction: The new Stellantis-LGES facility had been scheduled to begin operation in 2024 and employ 2,500 workers.

So, You’re a Leader Now. Forget Everything You’ve Learned: Leading people requires a whole different set of skills than distinguishing yourself in project-based work.

So That Happened: Union Wins/Strikes Nationwide, Who's the Next China? IndustryWeek editors look into those stories and who's driving the fastest metrology equipment and what do you get for a manufacturing company hitting its bicentennial?

Polestar to Slash Jobs, Puts in Play Other Cost-Cutting Measures: The company also announced it was pushing production of the Polestar 3 back to Q1 2024 and reducing production goals for the year.

When Is It Best to Insource Production? Cost is usually not a primary consideration.

Generation Now Leadership: Career Advancement by Design at Northrop Grumman: Sara Simser plots a course to manufacturing leadership. Two keys: Always be learning and don’t fear failure.

Remembering a Real-Life ‘Rosie the Riveter’ on Mother’s Day: Granny worked in the Tennessee textile mills during World War II. My own mom told me her stories.

How Schneider Electric Knows if a Plant Can Successfully Digitize: Lean programs and effective change management, not just technology, lead to successful digitization and increased plant efficiency.

5 Ways for US Manufacturers to Be Less Dependent on China: Leaders should be taking action now to be more self-reliant and avoid future supply-chain troubles.

EV-Maker Lucid Trims ’23 Goals after Lower-than-Expected Q1: Even after laying off nearly a fifth of its workforce, the luxury EV maker is losing money at an unsustainable rate.

Editor's Choice:

Production Pulse: Interest Rate Impacts on Manufacturing: IndustryWeek's Robert Schoenberger spoke with KeyBank Senior Vice President - Commercial Sales Leader Chris Doyle about rate hikes, inflation and the economy.

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