Want Loyal Workers? Give Them A Reason To Trust You.

April 6, 2007
A boss who listens to worker's problems is key factor that employees stay.

Trust significantly predicts employee loyalty, according a Leadership IQ survey. Approximately 32% of a worker's desire to stay or go is the result of feeling (or not feeling) trust towards their boss, according to the survey of 7209 executives, managers and employees.

Only 20% of people strongly trust the top management of their organization and 36% moderately trust their top management. The remaining 44% range from not trusting to strongly distrusting their top management.

This study identified five aspects of trust that were the best predictors of employee loyalty.
In order of importance they are...

  • If I shared my work problems with my direct boss, I know that he/she would respond constructively.
  • My direct boss makes smart decisions.
  • My direct boss is honest and truthful.
  • My direct boss helps me grow and develop professionally.
  • I receive consistent direction from my direct boss.

Having a boss who listens constructively to a worker's on-the-job problems was found to be the strongest predictor of loyalty to an organization, accounting for fully 26% of their wanting to stay or go. Additionally, perceiving that their boss makes good decisions and is honest with them, contribute incrementally an additional 3% and 2%. Perceiving that their boss is helping with professional growth added 1% to their decision.

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