Letters To The Editor For July 2005

June 27, 2005
The courage to voice convictions

Panchak Inspires

Re "Editor's Page -- Wanted: Inspired Leaders, Engaged Employees," May 2005: It was very refreshing to see someone take the employee point of view. Ms. Panchak hit the nail on the head and I feel if folks are honest with themselves they would agree with her. Sometimes it hurts for employees to hear the truth, but the fact is they can say they heard the truth. Whether or not they like it or can accept it is up to them. Thanks for a very enlightening article.

Joseph A. DeRosa
senior quality engineer
Harris Corp., Rochester, N.Y.

I read your recent article on "Inspired Leaders, Engaged Employees" and I want to thank you for a point well made. I think this is a great message to send to offset all the rhetoric that we are all accustomed to hearing. After all, the employee base is the most valuable asset an organization has to manage. We cannot neglect this resource.

Bradley A. Carlstrom
corporate purchasing manager
Kurt Manufacturing Co., Minneapolis

Elephants And Satire Awards

Re "Brandt On Leadership -- Invasion Of The Profit Snatchers," May 2005: You should be congratulated for having the guts to say the things you said. Today's boards operate like there's an elephant in the room, but no one wants to say anything. There was a time when we aspired to become top management, but alas that time may be passed. While I know many top people who have ethics and morals about how they run their business's they don't make the papers. Thanks again for saying what you said.

Tom MacDonald
vice president, sales & marketing
Brolite Products Co., Streamwood, Ill.

If there is a Jonathan Swift award for effective social satire, I hereby wish to submit your May essay for consideration. One, the subject was timely; two, you tread the fine line between humor and exaggeration with the proverbial scalpel in hand. Congrats!

Gerald A. Edgar
Safety & Environmental Coordinator
Skyjack Manufacturing, Emmetsburg, Iowa

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