The Art and Science Of Finding Employees

Oct. 25, 2007
Evaluating both corporate and field hiring

Finding employees with the right skill set who will remain with the company is a challenge for manufacturers. Add to that challenge the need to fill both the corporate and field jobs simultaneously.

Seeking to provide a one-stop shopping process for the right employees, Kronos, the Chelmsford, Mass-based software and solutions firm in the area of workforce management, is now offering Workforce Acquisitions for Corporate Hiring.

"We have applied science to the challenges of field-based staffing for many years and as a result have been able to measure real business benefits from improving the quality of the overall workforces," explains Steve Earl, director of product marketing for Kronos' Talent Management division. "The art part of the equation comes in helping employer's recruiters conduct the subjective process of hiring skilled salaried employees."

Earl has learned that improving the quality of an hourly workforce is about making small incremental improvements across a large employee base -- an improvement increase of just 5-10% on a yearly basis will have a significant impact on a company's productivity. "For hourly-based organizations, it's not about finding that single star performer," he says.

In the area of field staffing, Kronos draws from a very large database -- on a daily basis 100,000 of its applications are used across the globe -- to provide companies with predictive tools to evaluate and understand how a successful workforce is created. They also provide information on the best avenues to locate employees.

Moving into the field of corporate hiring, Kronos decided to partner with Mr.TedTalentLink, a U.K based recruiting solutions provider. Currently Siemens, Lenovo, Sony and BMW use these solutions.

The solutions, hosted by Kronos, offer an automated process for companies to improve how they hire, but there is still a personal touch involved and a much greater emphasis needed on who they hire, says Earl. "There is no point in hiring the wrong person faster."

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