Are Your Top Employees Just Slackers In Disguise?

June 21, 2007
Study says your office network may be an everyday surfing safari for your employees.

As badly as it hurts to publicize information like this, and despite all the hate mail I may get for doing so, I thought I should bring this to your attention.

According to recent study by monitoring software provider BeAware, more than 81 minutes per employee per day is spent performing non-work-related computer activities, and as many as 13% of employees blow more than 2 hours per day in "unproductive" online activities (whether shopping, browsing or other recreation).

The studies, quoted by employee monitoring software provider BeAware, also find that the employees whom management considers the top employees are many times the ones who waste the most time on their computers and online.

Benefits of an employee monitoring software program include:

  • Detailed reports that help managers find problems quickly and easily.
  • Workgroup deployment of any size (1 to 10,000 employees).
  • Optional "private time" feature that allows employees to take care of personal business during approved time (great for lunch breaks).
  • Tracking of employees who work in the field, at other company sites or on the road.

As with any company-sponsored study that leads to the conclusion to buy its product, it is important to consider the context. However, one obvious benefit of Web monitoring (as opposed to wholesale blocking of Web access) would be on employee morale -- smart companies can identify problem users and take the appropriate steps without instituting draconian corporatewide protocols that indiscriminately affect everyone.

After all, many of today's employees require internet access -- and besides -- how else can they take advantage of all the lean tools, Webinars, white papers, blogs and forums, IW Best Plants information and worldwide company rankings available at

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