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Product 2.0: Axcess Ships Wireless ID Card for Workforce Management

Feb. 6, 2008
Small, powerful system-on-chip solution integrates easily with workforce management systems and software

Wireless business activity monitoring solutions Axcess International Inc. recently announced it is shipping a new type of corporate ID card with added capabilities. The company says that its multi-functional, long range wireless card, called Dot Credential, provides the following "hands-free" benefits for managing employees effectively with less supervision:

  1. Building access control for individuals or groups,
  2. Contractor time and attendance data capture that feeds into existing workforce management (WFM) systems,
  3. Electronic asset-custodian assignments that link a tagged asset to its owner's card, and
  4. Emergency evacuation personnel tracking to account for all persons in the event of a crisis.

Dot, based on a revolutionary system-on-a-chip (SOC) technology design, is the world's smallest, most powerful, lowest cost battery-powered wireless computer. Dot's flexibility allows it to take many forms to suit specific needs. Beyond the wireless corporate ID, Dot technology serves as the heart of many new and innovative products from Axcess such as a long range bar code, an electronic property tag, a vehicle identification tag, an electronic cargo container seal, a wireless sensor transmitter and limitless other uses.

Axcess' invention combines a processor, memory and wireless communications into one chip about the size of a single grain of rice. It is as powerful as the first personal digital assistants (PDAs). It runs for years on a watch battery, stores at least three pages of information in memory and communicates to the world at high speed.

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