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Workers Want Face Time with CEOs

March 7, 2018
A new study found that 62% of workers expect to be able to communicate with their CEOs face-to-face.

Sometimes town halls just don’t cut it.

That seems to be the sentiment of a number of workers, according to new research from Kollective.

It turns out that 62% of workers expect to be able to communicate with their CEOs face-to-face.

To turn that wish into reality however, is harder than it looks. “It’s clear that employees now expect significantly more face-to-face time with their CEOs,” said Dan Vetras, CEO of Kollective. “But in an organization with more than 10,000 people, it can be difficult for business leaders to make time for everyone.”

The Kollective study, which reached more than 2,000 U.S. and UK office workers, highlights that employees are dissatisfied with the updates they receive from their senior teams, with less than half (49%) saying that they are happy with the current communication provided by their CEOs and leadership teams.

The research also highlights how traditional methods of communication are now falling short of expectations, with only 38% of employees being happy with email as a way to communicate and fewer than one in five wanting to receive updates in the form of written documents.

“Live streaming, ‘virtual town hall’ meetings and video newsletters are a great way to overcome these issues,” explained Vetras.” Using video can help leaders bridge the visibility gap, reaching global locations and remote workers across the organization." 

Video communication is becoming the new normal, with 30% of employees saying they expect to catch-up with the CEOs over video chat.

And in the quest to ensure that the needs of the millennial workforce are met, Vetras said that using video technology to communicate on a more personal level, will help CEOs connect with millennial employees.

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