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Stretch Expands Robotic Reach

May 15, 2020
Productive Robotics introduces new member to its growing family of American-made cobots.

Productive Robotics Inc. recently introduced the fourth model of its next-generation teachable collaborative robots, OB7-Stretch. OB7-Stretch is similar to the standard OB7 5kg model, but longer with a reach of 1.25 meters and a slightly lower payload of 4kg.

“We have many customer's applications that need a bit more reach, but have lighter payload needs,” says Zac Bogart, president of Productive Robotics. “Any pick-and-place type task that can benefit from its 1.25-meter reach within its 4kg payload is a task that can be automated with the OB7-Stretch.”

Applications that will benefit greatly from OB-Stretch are those that require a longer reach to pick up a part or reaching deeper into machines. Specifically, applications in plastics molding, packaging, and palletizing will benefit greatly. In CNC machine tending, OB7-Stretch can tend multiple machines at one time when the robot needs to reach more than one machine, and when the robot needs to reach deeply into a machine.With OB7, machine shops can optimize their time spent on their machines by running parts unattended, nonstop, or overnight. Due to OB7's simple "teach" method, operators don't need to know programming to teach jobs and setting up new jobs only takes a few minutes. Productive offers mill or lathe packages that come fully equipped with the accessories and equipment necessary to automate their first CNC job.

No programming is involved in teaching OB7 cobots, Bogart tells IndustryWeek. “We believe easy programming is only easy for programmers. With our technology, users simply show OB7 how to do the job by physically moving it through the necessary steps,” he says. “It learns in minutes and remembers the automated jobs for future use.” Common steps in a job, like opening a door or pushing a button, are built into OB7. Specifics – such as number of parts to put in a box or how high to stack boxes – can be entered on OB7’s associated tablet. This ease increases user comfort, acceptance and confidence.

Like a human arm, seven joints give OB7 the flexibility and dexterity to reach around objects or obstacles. Unlike a human arm, each of OB7’s joints can rotate 360 degrees in both directions allowing the cobot to work in more confined workspaces and areas non accessible for a six-axis robot.

OB7-Stretch provides a cost-effective alternative to Productive Robotics’ larger OB7-Max 12 and OB7-Max 8 models both of which are designed to handle higher payloads. Each robot in the OB7 family is built with seven-axis capabilities leveraging a simple, teaching platform where the user simply shows OB7 how to do the job.

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