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2022 Industryweek Technology Survey Road Signs
2022 Industryweek Technology Survey Road Signs
2022 Industryweek Technology Survey Road Signs
2022 Industryweek Technology Survey Road Signs
2022 Industryweek Technology Survey Road Signs

Plug In to IndustryWeek's Fifth Annual Technology Survey

April 14, 2022
How the promise and hype of technology measure up to what's actually useful and gets results.

The evolution of manufacturing continues. IIoT devices and data analytics allow manufacturers to track their supply chains and simulate the effects of change, possibly supporting reshoring initiatives. Robots and cobots replace menial tasks and allow existing employees to upskill during a period of hiring challenges. Cybersecurity techniques empowered by artificial intelligence and machine learning give manufacturers the confidence to network their plants, even in the face of rising cyberattacks.

Manufacturers of all sizes are taking advantage of these technologies and more—but which technologies are currently most important to those manufacturers? Where are companies focusing their finite budgets and personnel in the face of so many different technologies to pursue? And what are they using these technologies for?

IndustryWeek’s annual Technology Survey seeks to answer these questions by asking them directly to manufacturers. Our readers, the leaders of the manufacturing world, can share their experiences of when the lofty promises of technology become practical and best serve industry.

So please take a few moments to fill out our fifth annual tech survey. Your insights are invaluable.

All responses will be held in strictest confidence and all data will be used for tabulation purposes only. The results will appear online and in the summer data-focused issue of IndustryWeek. Our intention is to provide a clear look at what is really happening in manufacturing where technology is concerned, and how we can help you use that knowledge to become stronger and better prepared to succeed in today's rapidly changing marketplace.

As our thanks for your time and effort, upon completion of the survey, you will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win one of two $50 Amazon gift cards. Contest rules.

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