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Supplier Cyberattack Disrupts Stellantis Production

Nov. 15, 2023
The external supplier manufactures just-in-time components like seats, electronics and safety systems.

A cyberattack at Chinse supplier Yanfeng International Automotive Technology Co. Ltd is affecting operations at Stellantis, manufacturer of brands like Jeep, Ram, Chrysler and Fiat. Certain assembly plants in North America are being disrupted, although none have been publicly specified. This disruption follows other high-profile cyberattacks at Clorox and Boeing.

“Globally, auto manufacturing environments are rife with assets that are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Cyber criminals know this, as we’ve seen an increasing trend of attacks on critical infrastructure,” says Nadir Izrael, co-founder and CTO of asset intelligence cybersecurity company Armis. “The increasingly connected networks, combined with legacy systems with outdated technologies and poor security, create an ideal target. Interruption of even the smallest processors can have a devastating domino effect on the rest of a supply chain.”

Read more about the cyberattack and implications for the automaker here as covere by The Detroit News.

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