The high-pressure pump was designed for a specific quantity-pressure range, which increases the demand for casting integrity and stability. The SHP high-pressure side channel pump developed by Sero PumpSystems GmbH in response to oil-and-gas drillers’ need to transport liquid-gas mixtures at a nominal pressure of 100 bar.

From Foundry M&T: 3D Printer Reducing Delivery Time for New Gas Pump

Dec. 18, 2013
Robert Brooks reports how S+B Guss meets design schedule for a cast component of a critical oil-and-gas drilling device

A new concept for a pump designed to transport small quantities of oil and gas at high pressures was the starting point for a cooperative effort by Sero PumpSystems GmbH and Schmolz + Bickenbach Guss – a specialty steel foundry group.

Sero had less than ten weeks to complete production, including time for extensive final functional tests on the prototype.

S+B Guss decided to use 3D printing to produce the prototype due to the tight time frame. After just eight weeks of planning and prototyping, the final product was precision cast in stainless steel.

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