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June 28, 2018
A few minutes of your time taking this survey can provide the insights manufacturing leadership needs to steer the industry into a bright, well-informed future.

I’ve only been covering manufacturing technology since the summer of 2015 and business overall for less than a decade. Besides knowing that I have a lot to learn, one thing that has become increasingly clear recently is that the sheer volume of new manufacturing tech has cranked up to 11.

We at IndustryWeek strive to learn as much about this new tech, from the Industrial Internet of Things to blockchain to robots, but our success isn’t directly tied to any of it working, while yours absolutely is. If 3D printing doesn’t radically transform manufacturing, we’ll just write about what does. If you invest in a project that fails, you might have to let employees go or fall into debt.

That's why, In this ever-changing, noisy world, we want to help you sift through the chatter and focus on the right strategy. What's changing your business for the better? What's meaningless hype? And what's turned into a black hole consuming endless amounts of your capital dollars?

To do that, we need to invoke the power of real-time analytics, using your recent experiences and data as the fuel. That’s why I'm conducting this manufacturing technology survey for an upcoming issue of IndustryWeek. I need your input to identify what the manufacturing industry should be focusing on, what it should avoid, and where I should turn my attention in the coming year.

It should take less than five minutes of your time, and all responses will be held in strictest confidence and all data will be used for tabulation purposes only.

The deadline for this survey is Friday, July 13, 2018. Please take it now to ensure your response is included.

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