New Robotic Welding System Offers More Control

April 22, 2008
ABB Robotics and ESAB join forces to improve technology.

ABB Robotics, a robotics manufacturer, and ESAB, a provider of welding and cutting technology, have joined forces to create a robotic welding system that offers better control over the welding process. ABB's robotic technology is combined with ESAB's new Aristo Mig 5000i power source.

The new technology, which features an integrated interface for robotic MIG welding of materials used in the metal fabrication industry, was designed specifically for ABB's welding robots. ABB's weling system reduces cycle time by as much as 15% and cuts unplanned downtime by up to 75%, according to a company statement.

The system supports a number of welding applications, including robotic short arc, spray arc, pulsed arc and rapid arc, or high-speed welding, and includes ESAB's SuperPulse technology, which offers better control over the welding process.

The new welding system offers several benefits to users, including:

  • Exceptional digital communication -- impeccable communication between the power source and robot controller offers excellent welding properties with minimal spatter, even at high welding speeds.
  • Single interface -- the robot and power source are controlled with a single interface, which speeds up setup time and reduces human error.
  • Easy programming with 300 pre-programmed synergic lines -- selection of the desired wire-feeding speed allows the power source to automatically select the appropriate voltage, allowing the operator to program custom synergic lines.

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