Telenor Sweden And Ericsson Industry Connect

Ericsson, Telenor Form Industry 4.0 Partnership

Feb. 12, 2020
Swedish telecom Telenor can now sell Ericsson's “5G-ready” industrial network to clients.

On February 12, Telenor Sweden made an agreement with Ericsson to join the “Ericsson Industry 4.0” partner program. Ericsson launched the program, open to software vendors, system integrators and tech device partners, in March of last year, but Telenor is the first mobile network operator to join. The agreement allows Telenor to sell Ericsson’s preconfigured LTE networks, which have been specially designed to enable industry 4.0 practices, to its industrial clients.

Kaaren Hilsen, CEO of Telenor Sweden, said in a statement that joining the program would allow Telenor Sweden to “capture new opportunities in industrial verticals and improve business outcomes for our customers.” She noted that the manufacturing industry is “one of the first” to be able to use 5G to its full potential.

Ericsson Industry Connect is not being sold yet as a 5G network: it uses LTE, which is a 4G technology. The network is built on a platform that is capable of 5G, allowing clients to quickly switch over once 5G becomes available, according to Ericsson’s website. As it is, Ericsson says their network offers predictable latency and gap-free connectivity—important features for the future, Industry 4.0 factory, in which robots, sensors, and machines communicate with each other seamlessly via a wireless network.

Ericsson is notable as a competitor to China's Huawei in the 5G arena, especially in Europe. U.S. officials have asserted that Huawei's networks pose a security risk to their clients. Other partners of Ericsson’s Industry 4.0 project are ABB, Cisco, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. 

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