SAP, Oracle Top List of Enterprise Application Vendors by Revenue

July 21, 2009
With $15.8 billion in application revenue in 2008, SAP ranks No. 1 in AMR Researchs most recent list of the top 50 global enterprise application vendors by 2008 revenue.

Oracle, with nearly $8.6 billion in 2008 revenue, holds the No. 2 spot, while Sage Group, Infor and Dassault Systmes complete the top five.

The top 10 vendors, by revenue, are:

  1. SAP ($15.8 billion)
  2. Oracle ($8.6 billion)
  3. Sage Group ($2.4 billion)
  4. Infor ($2.2 billion)
  5. Dassault Systmes ($1.96 billion)
  6. Siemens PLM ($1.4 billion)
  7. Microsoft ($1.3 billion)
  8. Cadence ($1.038 billion)
  9. PTC ($1.037 billion)
  10. ($1.023 billion)

AMR Research notes that Oracle's acquisition of Sun, and Java, "could wreak havoc on enterprise applications vendors in the future." AMR Research estimates that more than 60% of enterprise software vendors have applications that rely on Java, including many Oracle competitors, large and small. Of the 50 largest enterprise application companies, 33 offer applications that rely on Java. These companies represent more than $38.5 billion, or 77% of the top 50's 2008 revenue.

"Given the weak macro economic backdrop, the enterprise applications market had a surprisingly solid year in 2008. 2009, however, will be a whole different story," said Dennis Gaughan, vice president at AMR Research. "Not only will vendors be impacted by the fragile economy, but 33 out of the top 50 vendors will have to reevaluate their commitment to the Java programming language."

To be included in AMR Research's study, vendors must develop and sell application software products, provide implementation services and provide software applications in at least one of the following segments: enterprise resource planning; supply chain management; sourcing and procurement (supply management); product lifecycle management; human capital management; and customer relationship management.

The complete list of the top 50 enterprise applications vendors is available on AMR Research's Web site.

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