Oracle Extends Its Environmental Reach

July 21, 2011
Company offers companies new tools to collect and report environmental data.

Oracle introduced new software extensions designed to allow companies to track and report environmental data more quickly and efficiently.

The modules, called Oracle Environmental Accounting and Reporting and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Environmental Accounting and Reporting, are designed to provide standardized methods for computing environmental impacts and reporting that footprint for analysis, said Jon Chorley, vice president of Supply Chain & Sustainability Product Strategy at the company.

"More companies are looking for this kind of information," Chorley said. "We feel an obligation to extend the passion that we have for environmental sensitivity to our customers as well."

Chorley offered three reasons that companies need to collect environmental data:

  1. Regulatory compliance;
  2. Business pressures to be more environmentally friendly from customers and shareholders; and
  3. Business imperatives to cut costs.

Chorley said the advantage for existing Oracle and JD Edwards customers -- because companies must be runnning one of those systems to use the extensions -- is that they don't need to run separate, expensive systems to do what must be done to meet environmental reporting requirements."

"Environmental considerations such as emissions reporting are part of the new normal for all organizations, and Oracle is committed to providing comprehensive solutions to meet these requirements," Chorley said. "With the introduction of these new extensions, customers can embed this capability within the context o their normal business operations, delivering the required results at the best total cost of ownership."

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