A New SOA Group Forms -- Integration Consortium

Feb. 8, 2007
Technology practitioners establish collaboration platform to drive SOA thought leadership.

IT practitioners from a broad range of industries joined on Feb. 8 with end user companies, technology suppliers and standards organizations to establish the IC SOA. The Integration Consortium (IC) will sponsor the platform and infrastructure to foster the IC SOA collaboration community.

"The end user representatives in the IC SOA community need to work together to stop the 'standards wars' and restore confidence in the business community that the IT Industry can indeed solve the interoperability challenges and facilitate profitability for business," said John Schmidt, chairman of the Integration Consortium.

The IC SOA is a "global community of practice comprised of information technology leaders dedicated to the ideals of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as the prevalent IT-model for transforming business and improving IT practices," according to the organization.

The newly formed consortium will launch a series of collaboration events to exchange knowledge among SOA practitioners. These events are designed to answer questions such as; what frameworks exist, what are the tradeoffs between creating a framework for your own company versus adopting one developed by others and how can existing methodologies be effectively used?

The IC will also sponsor an Award for Excellence for the Best SOA Best Practice at the Global Integration Summit, May 14-15, 2007 in Banff, Canada.

IC Consortium

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