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Different Priorities

Dec. 13, 2006
Depending on your industry, there are significant differences in investment prioritization for manufacturing operations software.

While the figure below shows aggregate investment priorities across all industry verticals surveyed, there are significant differences in prioritization by industry vertical:

  • In chemicals, 28% of the manufacturing budget will be applied to advanced process control and simulation.
  • In aerospace and defense, 50% of the manufacturing budget will be applied to quality management systems.
  • In pharmaceuticals, almost 45% of the manufacturing spending will be applied to quality management (if LIMS is included), 20% on recipe/formula/specification management and 20% on enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI).
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    Automotive, high-tech and industrial products are prioritizing MES (29%, 32% and 35% respectively).
  • The consumer products industry is spending the largest share of any industry's manufacturing budget on EAM, at 16%.

Manufacturing Operations Software Categories, 2007

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