BEA and Adobe Form Enterprise Partnership

Sept. 26, 2007
Design and deploy agreement to assist companies in developing rich Internet apps and mashups; automating document process infrastructure

Earlier this month, BEA Systems, Inc. and Adobe Systems Incorporated announced an agreement, concerning four products in their respective portfolios, that is designed to provide customers with a design environment for rich Internet application (RIA) development.

The terms of the agreement specify that BEA will bundle Adobe Flex Builder 2 software with BEA Workshop Studio, empowering developers to rapidly build cross-platform RIAs that integrate with SOA and Web 2.0 infrastructure for high-performance enterprise mash-ups. Further, every Workshop Studio developer will now have access to Flex technology for building RIAs. The combination of Flex Builder and Workshop Studio is designed to provide a seamless workflow for quickly and easily building powerful new applications, such as interactive data dashboards, customer and employee self-service applications, and business-to-business applications. Because the applications are deployed using the Adobe Flash Player runtime, businesses can reach their intended audience, regardless of platform or operating system.

Also, Adobe will distribute evaluation licenses of BEA's WebLogic application server with Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite (ES) software. LiveCycle can be deployed with WebLogic in applications ranging from mission-critical clustered environments to single server departmental deployments and developer desktops.

Finally, customers will be able to deploy LiveCycle ES applications that call for the high performance characteristics of BEA WebLogic Server, including Java Message service (JMS) in support of business events, clustering and failover, as well as key Web services interoperability technologies and standards such as WS-I Basic Profile 1.1. This is the second major release of LiveCycle to support WebLogic Server to date, but thepartnership marks the first time that LiveCycle ES customers will be provided with turn-key infrastructure for enterprise deployments.

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