How are You Wasting Time?

April 16, 2008
IFS North America's Usability Research survey illuminates the reasons behind user inefficiency.

Which of the following is the top time waster when using business applications?

Navigating around and between applications 7.3%

Searching for information through a complex navigation structure 22.9%

Learning different modules with different structures and commands 22.6%

Transferring data from one application to another 12.1%

Progressing through functions or business process steps that are not grouped together or ordered in a logical way 16.4%

The application just doesn't work in the way that I want to work 7.6%

Waiting for applications with slow start-up and system response times 9.3%

I do not experience any wasted time 1.7%

Do you agree with the statement: "Software optimized for better collaboration with my colleagues would improve the productivity of my organization as a whole?"

Yes, I strongly agree 33.1%

Yes, I agree somewhat 60.2%

No, I disagree 3.7%

No, I strongly disagree 0.3%

Not applicable -- my organization has the optimum level of collaboration already. 2.8%

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