Green Ethernet

April 10, 2008
Link status and length detection capability saves power, energy, money, carbon

According to network equipment provider D-Link, the company is the first in the networking industry to introduce Green Ethernet technology into its SOHO Gigabit switches, capable of decreasing energy costs through the reduction of power consumption without sacrificing any operational performance or functionality while providing end users 3 key benefits:

  • Reduced power consumption, less heat dissipation
  • Extended product life
  • Reduced operating costs

The products are labeled as "eco-friendly" as they comply with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directives.

In addition, the company says that its Green Ethernet technology can detect a link's status and cable length, and adjust power usage accordingly. By reducing power consumption, less heat is produced, resulting in extended product life and lower operating costs.

Even when a computer is shut down, switches often remain on and continue to consume considerable amount of power. Using D-link's Green Ethernet technology, the company says that installed switches can detect when a computer is turned off, and then respond accordingly by changing into power standby mode, thus reducing power usage for that port.

In addition, switches normally send full power to cables regardless of the actual length. D-link says that its switches can analyze the cable's length and adjust the power accordingly.

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