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2014 IW 1000: Top 10 Tech Companies of 2014

For the 2014 edition of our annual Tech Top 10 list, we've expanded our scope outside the U.S. to highlight the biggest and best tech manufacturers the world has to offer.

This year's list comes fresh from the 2014 IW 1000 and tells a very different story from last year's IW U.S. 500 ranking.

Last year, it was the component makers and technology providers that ruled the list – the Ciscos and Intels that keep the OEMs running.  

Looking at the global story, though, it's clear that those old OEMs are still very much in charge.

From Panasonic and Sony to IBM and Microsoft, the kings of the 20th century are still alive and well on this list, translating their products to the digital age and connecting with a whole new generation of consumers.

However, the gadget makers have officially climbed their way to the top of the list.

This year's ranking details the wild growth of Samsung v. Apple in the smartphone wars and the preposterous profits they are collecting in their ongoing battle to the top.

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