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IW Tech: Top 10 Computer Manufacturers [SLIDESHOW]

2013 marks the 20th anniversary of IndustryWeek's first "Technology Leader of the Year" award.

Over the years, this annual feature has highlighted some of the industry's greatest technologists – from Bill Gates to the fathers of the human genome project, Francis Collins and J. Craig Venter.

But that's not all.

Before going on hiatus in 2008, the technology leader award feature was accompanied by lists of the best and most cutting-edge technologies to hit the market that year along with the brightest R&D stars helping to shape the technologies of the future.

In short, it was an industry-wide analysis of what was going on in technology and what companies and individuals mattered most in the field.

This year, we are bringing that back.

In October, IndustryWeek will announce its 2013 Technology Leader of the Year award along with the top 25 technologies that have shaped the manufacturing industry this year. To kick off that project, we are mining IndustryWeek's exclusive manufacturing indexes – the IW U.S. 500 and IW 1000 – to find the biggest and best tech companies operating today.

And it starts here, with the most successful U.S. computer and electronic equipment manufacturers of 2013 – which includes some surprising shake-ups.

For more Tech Top 10 rankings, check out: IW Tech: Top 10 Fastest Risers.

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