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Laser Tech Firms Gets Investments from Roy Disney

Laser Tech Firm Gets Investment from Roy Disney

RevoLaze, LLC, based in Westlake, Ohio announced earlier this week that Roy P. Disney has made an investment in the laser technology firm and has joined the board.

RevoLaze develops high-speed, high-power laser scribing technology. The company’s eco-friendly processes offer 2500 watts of power with laser scan speeds exceeding 50 meters per second.

“The demand for laser abrasion and patterned denim continues to skyrocket,” says RevoLaze CEO Darryl Costin. “Our custom delivery systems are built for any application. Also, we are excited to introduce our new Linear Processing machine designed exclusively for textile roll goods."

The textile application appealed to Disney.  “A company needs absolute assurance that the laser technology they are using to create their garments is properly licensed. With 29 patents worldwide, RevoLaze provides that comfort,” says Disney.

Roy P. Disney invests in tech firm RevoLaze.

But it wasn’t just the manufacturing speed that attracted Roy Disney’s attention. “We appreciate working with companies that have a special concern for our environment,” says Shamrock president Greg Martin, whose company is the investment arm for the Disney family. “There is a significant health risk associated with the sandblasting of denim to create the worn look. Likewise, the denim enzyme washing process produces environmental hazards. RevoLaze’s technology virtually eliminates both of these maladies.”

Disney joins. Lear Corp. which acquired an interest in the company last year.

“The design possibilities and speed at which production occurs are phenomenal,” said Bernard Theisen, vice president of Lear Corp.’s Global Trim Group, who also sits on the  board of the company.

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