Technology, Toyota and the Lean Ballet [PODCAST]

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In IW's February feature on the "Rise of the CTO," Cisco's tech leader, Padmasree Warrior, made an interesting point on the state of technology in advanced manufacturing:

"At this point, we believe that every company, big and small, is essentially becoming a technology company... Technology has become implicit and embedded in every business process today – the supply chain, manufacturing floor, automation and IT: They are all driven by technology and data analytics, not just operational expertise."

That is a sentiment shared by many in the field today, many of whom have declared technology the unrivalled king of 21st century industry.

But Tim Platt – Toyota (IW 1000/8) North America's vice president of information systems and information security – sees it a little differently.

In this interview, Platt argues for a more balanced approach to IT and technology in the manufacturing arena, incorporating it not as the star, but as one player in an intricately choreographed, multidiscipline production.

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