AutoSuite Software for the Automotive Industry

Rockwell Automation Extends Functionality of Rockwell Software AutoSuite Software for Automotive Industry

Feb. 3, 2014
Manufacturing execution system (MES) enhancements to ERP integration, production and material management help automobile manufacturers achieve repeatable efficiencies in build-to-order production

Driven by customer demand, vehicle manufacturers have transitioned from the traditional one-vehicle, one-plant production model to produce multiple vehicles – in multiple variations – at a single location. To help manufacturers improve the flexibility required for more custom production while reducing downtime and maximizing output, Rockwell Automation today announced the release of Rockwell Software AutoSuite v2.0 software.

The enhanced, manufacturing execution software (MES) system software includes new applications to coordinate and synchronize manufacturing tasks, quality procedures and inventory movement so producers can reliably and profitably react to changing customer demand and produce increasingly customized vehicles. AutoSuite v2.0 software also captures information during vehicle production in an easy-to-understand format for regulation, warranty and continuous improvement analyses.  

“Improvements in the AutoSuite software not only give manufacturers greater production flexibility, but can also help them deploy automated systems more rapidly,” said Keith Chambers, business manager for MES Software, Rockwell Automation. “We’re working to set new standards in performance, usability and deployment time with every new AutoSuite release. Version 2.0 dramatically compresses the time from deployment to return on investment regardless of the application.”  

AutoSuite v2.0 software enhancements include new automotive libraries that provide users with more configurable and scalable solutions, improving usability and speeding deployment for a faster time to value. With the additions in this version, AutoSuite software is now comprised of seven modules, all based on the proven FactoryTalk ProductionCentre platform:

  • Production Management
  • Material Management
  • Quality Management
  • Performance Management
  • Operations Intelligence
  • Energy Management
  • Business Systems Integration

Because the AutoSuite v2.0 system is scalable, even manufacturers without integrated ERP and automation systems can benefit from core system applications, such as material management and production management. When integrated with business and automation systems, key improvements in the latest version help manufacturers maximize their return on investment in those systems, while reducing complexity in build-to-order product and component manufacturing.

Production management – The newest version of AutoSuite software provides a standard automotive-build module that supports build-to-stock or build-to-order manufacturing, synchronizes assembly and subassembly production as well as helps error-proof operations by controlling flow of materials from warehouses and suppliers. The module helps operations personnel coordinate real-time production sequences, with just-in-time and just-in-sequence broadcasts to suppliers for better production inventory management. It is fully integrated with the material management module for managing line side and marketplace stocks. It also supports lean manufacturing processes with connectivity to andon boards, kanbans and just-in-time processes for replenishing materials.

Material management – This module complements the production management module, supporting just-in-time material restocking, as well as multiple pull events for line side and kitting areas. By coordinating the entire material-management process and providing real-time visibility into inventory levels, this module ensures material availability for the planned production sequence, reducing costly production gaps.

Business systems integration – The ERP Integration Gateway version 3.2 application within this module seamlessly integrates shop floor and business processes with a bidirectional interface that exchanges order and goods movement information between business and planning systems and the automated shop floor. A simple to extend and robust platform, the EIG v3.2 application is optimized for the needs of automotive manufacturers with complex configurable orders, large bill of materials and specific genealogy requirements. Out-of-the box support is optimized for SAP, but can be easily extended to file transfers, shared databases, remote procedure invocations and messaging between other systems.

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