Rockwell Automation Expands its PartnerNetwork Program to Connect Industrial Companies With Best-in-Class Solutions and Expertise

Nov. 14, 2016
Industrial operations working to modernize and converge their IT and control systems face long to-do lists with complicated and often confusing tasks. To help ease this process, and enable seamless and secure convergence, Rockwell Automation has grown its PartnerNetwork program with 14 new members and four expansions among existing members. Full article brought to you by Rockwell Automation. Visit The Connected Enterprise for more.  

Industrial operations working to modernize and converge their IT and control systems face long to-do lists with complicated and often confusing tasks. To help ease this process, and enable seamless and secure convergence, Rockwell Automation has grown its PartnerNetwork program with 14 new members and four expansions among existing members.

The PartnerNetwork program is designed to help industrial companies better solve their manufacturing and automation challenges with an expansive ecosystem of leading suppliers, distributors, system integrators, and machine and equipment builders.

Two new companies have joined the Solution Partner program from the North American region. Solution Partners are qualified system integrators that demonstrate the highest level of commitment to Rockwell Automation technologies and relationships within their specialized services or solutions. New Solution Partners include the following:

  • JMP Engineering Inc. (North America) specializes in control system integration, smart robotic applications, process, and power quality and energy management solutions for companies in a wide variety of industries around the world.
  • Logical Systems Inc. (LSI) (North America) provides control integration, information automation, and electrical and mechanical engineering support for companies ranging from process control to appliance manufacturing.

Seven new companies have joined the OEM Partner program from the North American, Latin American and EMEA regions. OEM Partners are machine and equipment builders that help provide flexible and efficient equipment leveraging Rockwell Automation solutions. New OEM Partners are as follows:

  • Calvary Automation Systems (North America) specializes in designing and building automated assembly, test and material-handling robotic systems used in automotive, life sciences and consumer product industries.
  • Central States Industrial (CSI) (North America) provides process components and systems for hygienic processes, such as those in pharmaceutical or food and beverage companies. CSI offers services from engineering and design to fabrication and installation.
  • Diamond Power International Inc. (North America) delivers integrated solutions for boiler cleaning, ash handling, controls and diagnostics. The company has extensive experience servicing power and utility, pulp and paper, and petrochemical companies.
  • Transformix Engineering Inc. (North America) specializes in the development of its signature CNC Assembly automated assembly technology. CNC Assembly systems are designed to improve the speed and efficiency of product assembly.
  • Cloostermans-Huwaert NV (EMEA) provides support in the development, manufacturing, assembly and testing of prototype and production industrial machinery. The company delivers innovative machine and equipment solutions for household, personal care and other industries.
  • Proensi (Latin America) provides design, construction and maintenance of industrial equipment with a specialty in profile and pipe bending projects. Industries include food processing, paper, mining, concrete and limestone.
  • Servo Soluciones Industriales (Latin America) provides process handling equipment for the food industry, including dairy, juices, jams, oils and fats. The company specializes in handling perishable fresh food.

The Encompass Partner program welcomed five brand new members, and saw regional expansions among four existing members. The Encompass Partner program is a product reference program that helps customers quickly locate products that solve their application challenges. These products complement, enhance and extend Rockwell Automation solutions.

OSIsoft, LLC is a new Global Encompass Partner. OSIsoft is a leading software developer and creator of the PI System, an open enterprise infrastructure that collects and analyzes real-time data to optimize industrial operations.

Aparian Inc. is a new Encompass Partner to the Americas and the EMEA region. The company offers automation and control solutions for various industrial and commercial applications, including network gateway bridges, protocol solutions, HART interface devices and time synchronization modules.

New Encompass Partners joining the Americas region:

  • Det‑Tronics specializes in premium SIL 2-capable, flame-and-gas-detection and hazard-mitigation systemsfor high-risk processes and industrial operations. Det‑Tronics is part of UTC, Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies.
  • Dialight provides facility lighting applications with wireless and wired controls capabilities. Lighting applications can be tightly integrated with other systems, allowing the consolidation and simplification of maintenance procedures. 
  • VEGA – Innovative Support Services Inc. specializes in solving motion control problems with quality hardware and software products, including custom sensors and resolvers.

Grace Engineered Products Inc. has expanded its membership to become a Global Encompass Partner. The company specializes in permanent electrical safety devices, which allow for thru-door electrical safety, enhanced compliance to industry standards, and increased employee productivity.

Bihl+Wiedemann GmbH has expanded its membership to the Americas region from EMEA. The company provides safety technology and electronic components for automation technology with AS-Interface for conveyor lines, high-rise racking systems and packaging machines.

Two existing Encompass Partners have expanded to the EMEA region, including the following:

  • Cape Software Inc. delivers products and engineering software services for process simulation and control logic validation, specializing in factory acceptance testing, application logic validation and documentation, automated SIS proof testing, and operator training.
  • Codian Robotics manufactures customized delta pick-and-place robots for use in high-speed, top-loading applications. The robots can be used in food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing.

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