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Rockwell Automation Gives Operators a Single View of Process and Electrical System Data

July 26, 2018
Sponsored by Rockwell Automation. The IntelliCENTER Integration Unit brings systems together to improve visibility and optimize control.

Process and electrical operators have traditionally accessed their data through two separate systems, making timely and proactive decision-making difficult. A new offering from Rockwell Automation helps solve this challenge.

The IntelliCENTER Integration Unit integrates the intelligent electrical devices from the electrical distribution system into the process-automation control and software environment. Integrating both systems into a single control and software platform avoids the need for a separate eSCADA and gives process and electrical operators a single, unified view of their data.

“Manufacturers and producers across industries are trying to reduce their risks and energy use and reach higher productivity goals,” said Joe Matheys, IntelliCENTER product specialist, Rockwell Automation. “That can be difficult with disparate process and electrical systems. The IntelliCENTER Integration Unit allows operators, engineers and maintenance personnel to see both systems on one HMI screen. This streamlined view can help better monitor and optimize operations.”

The standard unit takes the electrical information sent via a standard IEC 61850 network interface into the Logix-based control system environment. This removes the cost and complexity of designing an interface to connect electronic devices to the process control system. By using the control capabilities of a Logix-based processor, the integration unit enables intelligent switchgear and other intelligent equipment in the electrical control system to become part of a complete automation system.

In addition, configuration of the entire system is simplified. Users gain a common environment for archiving, visualization and reporting when using the library of add-on instructions from Rockwell Automation. The library provides prebuilt, validated add-on instructions for third-party devices that are used in typical control strategies for electrical control systems. This provides a similar look and feel to process control devices from Rockwell Automation, helping improve operational awareness and productivity capabilities.

The IntelliCENTER Integration Unit is key to an integrated power and process control system and is a technology enabler of the Intelligent Packaged Power offering from Rockwell Automation. The Intelligent Packaged Power solution helps reduce risk by delivering motor-control devices and the electrical distribution system in one, consolidated package.

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