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Alarm, Disruptions and Feeling the Heat: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads

March 8, 2024
Also, doubling down on the struggle for manufacturing talent and what's cool about Design for Manufacturing.

Welcome back to IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads, where we share with you the most popular content on IndustryWeek.com over the past seven days. This week the topic of manufacturing talent grabbed the spotlight, owning two of the week's Top 10, while challenges faced by start-up automakers also caught the attention of the IW manufacturing community. 

Here are the Top 10, plus two Editor's Choice selections. Sit back and catch up. 

Youth Need Jobs; Manufacturers Need Workers. How Do You Connect the Two? In cities like Chicago and Cleveland, 'where the need for jobs is so acute ... there is a real opportunity here to get more employers involved at the high school level.'

Fisker Raises ‘Going Concern’ Alarm, Lays Off 15% of Staff: Embattled startup is also seeking a big-name automotive partner.

What Do Ongoing Shipping Disruptions Tell Us About the Future of Supply Chains? Experts analyze the current conditions of maritime trading routes and their impacts on manufacturing.

Design for Manufacturing: The Cool Factor: Mikros Technologies specializes in sapping excess heat out of electronic systems, something that it only accomplishes with a strong focus on produceable designs.

IndustryWeek’s Best Plants Awards Competition: A Guide: This webinar shares everything you need to know about IW’s annual salute to manufacturing excellence. (Competition deadline is March 18.)

Smaller Manufacturers Are Feeling the Heat in a Warmer US: Larger firms are less affected by temperature shocks—a trend that is driving industry consolidation.

The US Must Lead the Way in Advanced Manufacturing Talent: Tapping into workforce resources at the national level can advance the skills of the labor force locally.

2024 Manufacturing Outlook: In this 2024 manufacturing outlook webinar, experts discussed interest rates, employment, technology, the economy and other factors that could impact the industrial landscape next year.

Polestar Targets Volume Growth, Double-Digit Margins After Securing $950M Loan: The start-up was recently cut loose financially by parent company Volvo just as it planned to ramp production.

Talent Advisory Board — Managing Your 24 Hours Well: For February, the shortest month of the year, IW's panel of manufacturing talent experts give advice on time management.

Editor's Choice

The 2024 IndustryWeek Tech Survey is Now Live: Help us discover what’s working, what isn’t, what you plan to look into and what really doesn’t matter.

Crazy Cars: A Brief History of Automobile Innovation: Enjoy this brief history of automobile innovations -- and transportation types that are nearly automobiles.

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