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March 14, 2011
Provide fair wages for services provided, and support the 'producers' more than the so-called 'leaders'

I read your view in First Up: "Americas Biggest Enemy," and I cannot agree with you more. Tax cuts are needed, but until we begin producing products back in America, we will be in the hold of China.

Too many of corporate Americas leaders are more concerned with their own pockets than the benefits to the people, community and our government.

Many are beginning to find it difficult to hire skilled and talented workers in manufacturing, engineering and some service industries. The college graduate may be "technology-proficient," but when he or she is placed in the field with multiple disciplines in play, they do not know what to do. And many of those who could mentor them have been "released" by corporate America and have entered new fields or decided to retire. Getting them to return will be difficult when those who seek them are the ones who kicked sand in their face.

For corporate America to rebuild, it will need the experienced and the newbie for a successful future.
If we wish to be more self-sufficient, we need to return to the basics, provide fair wages for services provided, and support the "producers" more than the so-called "leaders." Too many so-called "leaders" do not know the corporations products, processes, people or their community. They are there only for the power and to support their egos. Until those with true interest are in the lead, companies will fail, and more will be lost to other countries that already copy everything we currently produce. In todays technology, that is not difficult to perform.

Craig Tallar, Experience Engineer in Manufacturing, Waukesha, WI

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