Different Take on Transit

March 14, 2011
Invest in Amtrak not the Silver Line bus.

[Re: "Obama Budget Calls for $3.2 Billion
to Upgrade Transit," Feb. 17, 2011

After living in South Korea for a year, I was actually surprised and slightly excited when I first heard that Obama would invest in rail systems. (I didnt vote for Obama; hence the surprise.)

However, seeing this article disappointed me once again. You see, I am from Grand Rapids, Mich., and upon seeing that in fact the money would not be invested in Amtrak, but rather the Silver Line (bus), I lost hope for this budget. Reason? Grand Rapids citizens already voted on the Silver Line, and we voted it down quickly. If you are in any way familiar with Grand Rapids, the Silver Line would travel down Division Avenue. This street is regarded by many as one of the worst areas in Grand Rapids.

Many joked that it would simply be a faster way for prostitutes to get back to their pimps, which sadly, isnt too much of a joke.

We already have a bus line that travels down Division, just not as fast as the Silver Line would travel. I am sad to see that Grand Rapids is still trying to get this through, despite the publics opinion on the matter.


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