Latin American CEOs Differ On Concerns

Jan. 26, 2006
But they rank profit growth and strategy at top.

CEOs at companies in Mexico and South America share many of the same worries, but they differ on their levels of concern on a few key issues.

The sixth-annual CEO survey conducted by The Conference Board, New York, reveals that Mexican and South American CEOs see profit growth as a top challenge as well as execution of strategy. Customer loyalty also ranks in the Top 10 challenges for both groups.

But Mexican CEOs expressed greater concern about top-line growth, product innovation, lack of pricing power, motivating employees, adapting to change and seizing opportunities in North America. CEOs at South American companies, on the other hand, worry more about industry consolidation, cost control, integration, European competition and expanding in Western Europe.

By comparison, CEOs in Europe have different top concerns. They are most concerned with speed, flexibility and adaptability to change. U.S. CEOs worry most about sustaining steady top-line growth, executing strategy, retaining customers and growing profits.

The Conference Board's survey covers the views of 658 CEOs from more than 40 countries, 26 of whom are from Mexico and South America. Most of that subset head manufacturing companies.

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